January 2014 sees the launch of Olivia Hines….. A luxury footwear brand designed by an immensely gifted young British designer. Along with her team Olivia Hines has created an exquisite collection of detailed luxury footwear that represents bold styles and immaculate quality.

Each style in this 8 piece collection has been carefully designed to compliment any style of clothing from the streets to the red carpet.

From the leather lining to the padded innersole this collection has intricately been designed for comfortable elegance with a sexy twist.

With a goal of creating a global luxury brand,  great attention to detail has been paid in designing this stunning collection.  Miss Hines, with a background in business management and core pattern design has put together a brand for sophisticated clientele along with her team.

This collection is not for the faint hearted, with towering heels lavished with Swarovski elements, gold chains and vibrant colours. Each Crystal is hand placed with precision for a stunning finish and laced with exotic leathers from around the world.

olivia hines gold sandel